My Services.

Digital Health Executive Search

  • Unprecedented relationship matrix in Digital Health as a trusted advisor to senior leaders ensuring confidential discussions that lead to career opportunities

  • We bring together the best of breed in the industry to effectively deliver the results to which we commit

  • Executive Coaching, we draw on our extensive experience in CEO and Managing Director roles across the healthcare industry to provide

  • We identify, assess and appoint successful leaders to drive your business success, with an open mind ensuring the diversity of your organisation is considered

Strategic Planning and Clinical Advisory Services

  • Digital health strategy services including review, planning, design and advice.

  • Digital journey planning (5-15 years)

  • Risk profile development and advice

  • Cost benefit analysis and ROI planning

  • Digital Health policy and process development

  • Clinical Advisory - Quality and Safety

Digital Health Project Management

  • Scope and prepare Project Management Plans

  • Manage and transition business change

  • Establish and lead management protocols and governance structures

  • Manage project teams including internal and external resources

  • Conduct, document and evaluate stakeholder engagement

  • Assess and manage project risks

  • Integrate project learnings with future client processes

Digital Medical Records Implementation Services

  • Project Management

  • Change Management and Training

  • Business Analysis Support

  • Business and Technical Architectural support

  • Test Management and Execution

  • Deployment and Transition to Operations

  • Ongoing support post implementation

Digital Health Transformation

  • Organisational strategy and planning

  • Process re-engineering

  • ICT analysis, procurement and selection

  • Cost benefit analysis and ROI planning

  • Transformational change and implementation support